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Symbolic Pysanka Motifs. "Tree of Life - Goddess-Berehynia" (UKR)

Zoya Stashuk. "Symbolic Pysanka Motifs. "Tree of Life - Goddess-Berehynia" (Series of publications. Issue 2).


The most amazing feature of the Tree of Life is its ability to transform into a Berehynia Woman with her hands raised to the sky.


The tree of life is one of the main symbols in the Ukrainian pysanka tradition. It can also mean a family tree, where each flower or branch symbolized a certain relative, and the whole drawing is a model of the world and man, a family tree. The image of the tree of life in different parts of Ukraine can be different - it is a three-pointed branch, and a flower with leaves, and a blooming branch in a vase, etc.

The tree of life, as a cosmic tree, was a symbol of the rod connecting the earth and the sky, a symbol of continuous rebirth of nature and restoration of life, an emblem of inexhaustible vitality, harmony, immortality.


Berehynia (Oberega, Great Goddess) has an image of a woman with her hands raised up. This is a female symbol as the personification of the keeper of the home hearth, protector from adversity and mistress of human destinies.

Berehynia was considered the mistress not only of the sky, but also of all nature, the mistress of the heavenly waters, on which fertility depended.


The Tree of Life and Berehynia - these symbols often replace each other.

Over time, Berehynia, who personified the Great Mother of the World, was transformed into a trident or a Christianized image of the praying Mother of God, the Mother of Christ, retaining all the qualities of the Universal Mother.


Cover in the form of a booklet with postcard pages inside.

Contains instructions for pysanka writing, postcards with examples of patterns and the author's text.


Format: 210x300 mm.

Year of publication: 2019.

Number of pages: 17.

Cover: soft.

Symbolic Pysanka Motifs. "Tree of Life - Goddess-Berehynia" (UKR)

SKU: BP-30003
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