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Symbolic pysanka motifs "Cross. Fish" (UKR)

Zoya Stashuk. "Symbolic pysanka motifs. Cross. Fish" (Series of publications. Issue 3).


"Cross" is one of the oldest signs symbolizing the creation of the world. The vertical line of the cross is a heavenly, spiritual, active, masculine line. This is a fire sign. The horizontal line is earthly, passive, feminine. This is a water sign. At the intersection of these two factors, a third force arises - the force of love, life, creation.


The sign "Fish" is a symbol of fertility and fecundity. She is also associated with the Sky Goddess, as the earthly waters where fish live are associated with the Great Goddess.


Cover in the form of a booklet with postcard pages inside.

Contains instructions for pysanka writing, postcards with examples of patterns and the author's text.


Format: 210x300 mm.

Year of publication: 2020.

Number of pages: 16.

Cover: soft.

Symbolic pysanka motifs "Cross. Fish" (UKR)

SKU: BP-30004
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