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Trypillian motifs in Pysanka

The set of postcards "Trypillian motifs in Pysanka" consists of photos of Zoya Stashuk's author's Easter Eggs (9 pcs.) and author's Easter Eggs (11 pcs.) of the artist's students of various age categories from six to thirty-five years old. All the works are based on Trypil ceramics.


If you are looking for inspiration, these postcards will come in handy. In addition, such a set is a great souvenir for the Easter holidays, or a good gift for those interested in Ukrainian culture or pysanka writing.


Format: 135x175 mm

Number of pages: 20
Year of publication: 2017.
Cover: soft.

Trypillian motifs in Pysanka

SKU: BP-30006
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