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Dye for Pysanky Easter Eggs painting (Ukraine)


Aniline dye for painting eggs. Production - Ukraine.


The amount of dye in the package is calculated for 100 Easter eggs pysanka.


Pay attention! Aniline dyes are not food grade, suitable only for Easter eggs pysanka, not suitable for food.


Application method:

The contents of the bag should be poured into a half-liter jar and filled with boiling water up to half. Before that, you need to put a spoon in the jar so that it does not crack from the hot water. When the water with the paint cools down a little, add a spoonful of vinegar (do not give vinegar for yellow or orange).

The wax-painted egg must be immersed in paint for 10-20 minutes.

Easter eggs pysanky are dyed in paints at room temperature (20-25°C).

When the paints are very cold, they paint more poorly. In addition to the main ones, you can get mixed colors by layering different colors on top of each other and achieving the desired shade.

Dye for Pysanky Easter Eggs painting (Ukraine)

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