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"The Source of Life"


Light always comes against darkness. And good always wins over evil...

Egg as a symbol of life as opposed to death. Life, precious and fragile, like an egg...


An egg (Ukrainian pysanka) is a distinctive sign for identifying Ukrainians. This is a charm, the essence of which is laid in the ornament. This is metaphysics - there are no random signs here, every element, even the smallest, means something, carries its own energy.


In the Ukrainian tradition, as in many cultures of the world, the egg represents the Universe.

The ornament of this Egg reproduces the solar signs. The central element of the composition is Ruzha (eight-pointed star), which symbolizes the sun — truth and justice, as well as victory over any evil. Swirls are symbols that have been known in art for a long time, they equate vitality and the birth of life, development and movement. An important symbol on the Egg is the Tree of Life, which turns into a Berehynia  Woman (the guardian women) with her hands raised to the sky - she is the strongest protector of all living things.


Original composition, modern original design based on traditional symbols. The author collects ancient symbols, integrating them into his special unique design, combining them in an unexpected and special way, creating a new modern aesthetic in the vision of ancient symbolism.


Material: natural ostrich egg, natural color.

Technique: beeswax painting application with etching by vinegar.


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