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Portioned Darkened 100% Beeswax for Pysanky (dark brown)  30 grams

A set of 100% natural darkened beeswax (dark brown) - portioned small pieces.

A set contains 30 grams (1 oz).

It is used for painting Easter eggs pysanka.

The wax is placed in the kistka and heated over a candle flame. Melted wax instantly hardens, so you should decide in advance where and which symbol should be applied.

Discover the ultimate convenience in pysanka painting with our Portioned Beeswax for Pysanky. Designed for ease of use, these thin wax slices offer effortless application, making them ideal for both adults and children alike. Whether you're attending workshops, hosting a masterclass, or simply indulging in the creative process of pysanka writing, our beeswax ensures a seamless experience.

Each portion contains 3 grams (0.1 oz) of meticulously crafted beeswax, perfectly suited for loading into your kistka of choice (traditional kistka or electric).  Elevate your pysanka painting journey with our convenient Portioned Beeswax, your essential companion for unleashing creativity and tradition.

Made in Ukraine.

Portioned Darkened 100% Beeswax for Pysanky (dark brown) 30 grams

SKU: IM-50018
30 Grams
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