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Drop Pull Tool for Pysanky Easter Eggs 1,4 mm

A pen with a metal tip in the shape of a small dot.


Drop pull tools are specialized instruments used in the intricate craft of decorating Easter eggs, specifically for the pysanky.

The tip of the pen is dipped first in melted beeswax, and then a drop of wax is transferred to the surface of the egg. Artists can make singular dots, or 'pull' the wax to create elongated lines or intricate swirls.


On Lemki or Boyki pysankas, such an ornament symbolizes drops of water or rain, as the beginning of life and with the help of which nature comes to life. Dots and commas in repetition and combination create simple shapes of roses, suns, crosses and birds on Easter eggs.


These tools, sometimes called "drop pull pens," "pinhead tools," or "dripping tools," give artists the ability to create highly detailed patterns with pinpoint accuracy. Featuring a pin or small loop at the end, the drop pull tool allows you to 'pull' or 'drop' wax onto the eggshell in a controlled manner, creating precise dots, lines, and other decorative elements.

The wooden handle is light and comfortable to use.

Made in Ukraine.


Order Drop pull tools today and enjoy the process of painting unique Easter eggs pysanky!

Drop Pull Tool for Pysanky Easter Eggs 1,4 mm

SKU: IM-50006
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