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Ukrainian culture is what helps us not to lose faith in the future. This is what fills and inspires to persevere for victory and gives it meaning. This is what will heal the Nation when the storm finally subsides, healing each human soul piece by piece, like a mother's cradle, healing all wounds. And now, in the most stormy time, Ukrainian culture is the Meaning that unites Ukrainians into one unbreakable whole, gives it direction, fills it with meaning and is a source of strength for the Spirit of the entire Nation. Culture is the lymph of a nation, its life force.

The PYSANKA by IRYNA PARYPA project is aimed at reviving the artistic traditions of pysankar and popularizing Ukrainian culture in the world.
If you feel that this matter is necessary, you can support it and influence the future.

You can support the project by buying Easter eggs in the SHOP, or by making a donation of any amount.
You can make a one-time donation or set up a monthly recurring payment plan.

Thank you for your GENEROSITY!

Donations are used for the educational and cultural development of the project and its material and technical support, as well as for replenishing the museum fund of Ukraine with artifacts.

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