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Ukrainian Easter egg pysanka is something amazing and magical. Incredible feelings fill the soul just from one touch to her - heavy, cool and as if breathing from the inside...

Pysanka is a symbol of the Ukrainian people, a kind of talisman, and one of the ancient forms of Ukrainian folk painting. Since ancient times, the egg, like a tree, was considered a symbol of the awakening of nature, the birth of life, procreation, a symbol of the sun, warmth and eternity... In many spiritual traditions, there is an image of a world (cosmic) egg from which the universe arises, or is born God is the creator. Among the proto-Ukrainians, the egg was the beginning of everything, a prototype of the cosmos; they believed that the whole world is like a big egg: from one part of the shell the Earth was formed, from the other - the sky, from the yolk - the Sun and stars, from the white - the Moon. The egg has always been a mystery to man: lifeless, it gave rise to new life.

Pysanky were never made for themselves - only as a gift. Buying and giving an Easter egg means giving great honor and respect to the recipient. By presenting such a souvenir, a person seems to be blessing, wishing health and happiness to this family. Pysanka bestows wealth and beauty, unlocks hearts for love, protects against misfortune, disease and poverty. And this is also a symbol of a happy marriage and fertility.

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